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Ransomware is a malicious code that blocks or encrypts the contents of a device and requests a ransom to restore data access.

The definition of computer security must, first and foremost, must include availability and integrity of data and confidentiality, as well as information, and permissions.

Cybersecurity, negligent or unaware employees are considered the most likely cause of an attack


Cyber ​​security: Are we under attack?

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How the WannaCry's computer attack spread so easily on a global scale, affecting hundreds of systems in 105 countries?

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Cybersecurity does not mean anything

Over 60% of companies worldwide feel more at risk of cyberattack than a year ago. The budgets are not yet adapted to the quantitative and qualitative evolution of cybercrime...

In this article, we start by discussing what malware is and how many types it can be. Specifically, we will discuss Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Ransomware and other types of malware that were designed with malicious intent.

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Digital devices and Information Technology are at the center of both our day-to-day work and leisure activities. Information affects many aspects: think of communication, the details of our lives that we share on social networks, and internet searches.

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What is Malware

Ransomware attacks

Four Steps of Cybersecurity Maturity

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"Speed and simplicity: these are the keywords 

to overcome the enemy."

Cybersecurity, ongoing work for global security rules

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In a context in which a real cyber-arms race is in place, there is a clear need for a global framework for the use of cybernetics in cybersecurity.

Computer security, availability, integrity and confidentiality of data

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The first step in educating children about cybersecurity starts with "training" parents in this area. Children access to technology comes with additional responsibility for the parents.

Educating parents about


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Cybersecurity is a mantra, a term that has slowly caught on, and its meaning is to deal with an issue that has always existed, the Information Security (InfoSec).

Solid experience in building brand-new internal security practices, directing and consulting on information technology risk, cybersecurity risk management, and secure system implementation & operation, developing & executing global security strategies for organizations, as well as, assessment and control. I have been responsible for developing security/privacy strategies, directing the execution of client projects, and ensuring the on-time delivery of solutions. Currently Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of NCHENG LLP. John Giordani

A mature strategy of cybersecurity is a four-step process that goes from "doorman" to "special forces". Taking the initiative to address the global security challenge is essential.